Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another One for the TNT Column

OK, one more edit if you can stand it. I just threw on the brown skirt earlier for the pic below because I thought it would look better than my floral PJ pants. When I really got dressed for the day, I decided to pair the new tee with these khaki capris. DH was still home when I came downstairs and commented that he liked the new tee and the way the tee and the capris "matched." He then asked if I made the pants.??? Men! Yes, it's nice he does notice. But nearly 6 months later?? ROFL! It's not like I haven't been wearing these capris at least once every 10 days or so. This just cracked me up.

Edited to add a photo of me wearing the now hemmed top, and a link to the review, here.

* * * * *

A huge shout-out to Angie for trying this pattern w/o alterations and then modeling it for her review. It's definitely a winner and likely would've languished in the pattern stash indefinitely without Angie trying it first.

This is the Puffy Sleeve Tee (pattern #4 in the 02/07 issue of Ottobre Woman). Obviously, I have a thing right now for gathered sleeves. I stuffed them for this photo but the elastic needs a trip through the washer/dryer to spring back into shape after being stretched out by the serger.

I made this with no FBA and it fits great. Once I get a pic of me in the top, you'll see. I traced a straight 48 through the upper body, tapering to the 52 at the hips. The only fit alteration I made was my usual for square shoulders. I did not need to narrow the shoulders or raise the armholes, which are alterations I almost always need to do. Before cutting the fabric, I laid my TNT tee over the Ottobre pattern tracing and they were close so I decided to try it without alterations like Angie did. Success!

I used my coverstitcher binder for the neckline binding and applied the sleeve hem elastic like you'd do for an attached elastic turn-down waist, then coverstitched from the right side instead of following the pattern instructions for those elements. The tee length is about 1-2 inches too long and still needs to be hemmed. I'll do that tomorrow.

The fabric is another rayon/Lycra knit that's been in the stash a couple of years. As you can see, I'm still on the brown theme. It will go great with my latest brown Jalie skirt.


  1. It turned out simple after all! Nice pattern and pretty fabric!

  2. See it was a TNT after all. You just didn't know it at the time. LOL! Nice top and I like the fabric. You are on a roll it seems, which is well deserved after all the renovations.

  3. Debbie,
    Another beautiful top! Always enjoy your blog and pics. Haven't seen the pups for a few days....those dogs are so cute.
    Donna W
    Edmonton, Alberta

  4. Debbie - that top is great! Where and how do you get Octobre Woman? Do you also sew from World of Fashion? I see so many fashionable items coming out of your machine - I want some of the same patterns! g

  5. Very nice! I love that fabric.

  6. Gorgeous, again!

  7. I often say I could dye my hair black (I have very blonde hair) and he wouldn't notice until three weeks later...
    Love the outfit, love the things you're making in fact! Just wish I had the time again.... :-(

  8. The top really suits you, lovely!

  9. Ooh, I want to make this one now. Cute!

  10. Can I have your wardrobe please? :) Debbie, you have such great taste in wearable, pretty, casual clothes. I love everything you make!


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