Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Never Simple

Last night I wrote to Belinda that my next projects need to be simple tees that I can whip out and then just throw on for a dog walk, vacuuming, and any of the other exciting aspects of my usual day. I even have some TNT tee patterns. So, what I am doing next? A TNT tee? Yeah, right. And Angie, it's all your fault. ;)

Ever since seeing Angie's tee and reading her review of the pattern from the 02/2007 issue of Ottobre Woman, I've been fighting the temptation. It wasn't much of a fight though. I quickly surrendered and have just finished tracing the pattern. I'm going to test it with an aged stash fabric. If it works as well as Angie's, I'll be thrilled and will have a new tee. If it doesn't, I'll have yet another PJ top and then I'll get out one of the TNT patterns.

Cross your fingers …

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