Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Q & A

While I'm deciding what to start on next (sewing, grocery shopping, laundry, vacuuming???), I'll reply to some more comments …

"How did you do the tilted waist alteration, since this has an elastic waist, may I ask?" Easy! I slipped on the circle of elastic I use for fitting waists over the skirt, chalk-marked where it hit on the skirt, and then cut off the excess (plus seam allowance) above that mark at the front before attaching the waistband elastic.

"Where'd you get the skirt fabric?" It's from Lucy's Fabrics. Incidentially, it's also featured in the June 2007 issue of Burda WOF. How cool is that!

"That fabric is really cool, what kind is it?" It's a rayon/Lycra knit, which is just deee-vine. Great drape, great breathability.

"PMB... can add s/a's... OUCH! (computer shock from keyboard being drooled on)" Yep, although it's not totally automatic. PMB has a function called "Offset" that will offset a seam allowance from the seam line. You can offset seam allowances of differing distances for different areas of the pattern.

"Have you tried the dog beach on Honeymoon Island?" No. Now I have to go look up where it is! OK, I just did. From what I read, the dogs have to stay on a leash. Is that correct? That won't work for us at a dog park since we like to let them run and run and run.

"Did you add to the width at the hem or did all the perceived fullness come from the added gathers at the neckline?" (Regarding the brown tee with the stenciled neckband.) Since this was drafted from my TNT tee pattern, I didn't need to add anything anywhere. The fullness you see is from adding at the neckline for the gathers.

"Now I already have stencils and fabric paint in my notions stash … Mmmmm, now how can I corporatize that look?" I was thinking a button placket on a blouse? Or the hem area of a skirt? Tone-on-tone to keep it subdued for the office?

"As I come from Germany I want to offer you, to ask me if you want something to know about the instructions." Thank you Barbara! I will definitely keep your offer in mind if/when I get stuck on something.

"The sizes are the same. Diana is printing the same pattern sheet for everyone. France is known for having its own sizing charts--seriously!" Thanks! That's very interesting to know, and I can imagine would be quite frustrating to deal with if you don't always shop in France.

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  1. Thanks for your reply - when I'm getting ready to do the elastic, I must be adjusting the skirt to hang straight at the waist, rather than expecting extra fabric at the front that I can trim.


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