Friday, June 29, 2007

Undies Answers

I'm working today so no sewing until the weekend, but I have a few minutes to answer some of the questions about my current underwear project.

"Where do you get your supplies, ie. the material and elastic?"

I've purchased elastic and lingerie fabrics from Sew Sassy, Bramakers Supply, and Anne St. Claire of Needlenook Fabrics (via email and telephone — Lori, help me with the phone number please!). I've been very happy with each of these vendors.

"Those fabrics … Where in the world do you find pieces like that?"

These are scraps from tee shirts and other knit garments I've made and the fabrics come from all of my "regular" sources, mentioned previously throughout the blog. A good list of internet fabric stores can be found on Pattern Review, here.

Also, if you want solids, any of the lingerie suppliers above can put together white "kits" that can be dyed using plain ol' Rit or Dylon dyes. Dyeing your own can be fun too because then you'll have laces and other "findings" which perfectly match, like the purple set in the photo above. Just be sure to use nylon lingerie thread because regular polyester sewing thread doesn't take dye and you'll end up with white stitching like this, (I made these couple of years ago).

"What pattern are you using?"

I'm using Kwik Sew 2908, modified for an enclosed crotch lining sewn like this.

"Is it difficult to make your own or no?"

Heck no! And the sewing goes pretty darn fast too.

"I can't remember what fabric you said you're using. I think you said rayon/lycra. If so, is it slippery enough to allow your clothing to slide freely over the undies?"

Yep, some rayon/Lycra and also EOS buttermilk, and some nylon/Lycra. And all plenty slippery. I don't enjoy Velcro butt. ;-)

"This is prolly TMI, but I had to get up in the middle o'the night to find some different undies. Mine were driving me CRAZZZY. Stupid panties."

This just cracked me up (no pun intended!). But Angie, I know EXACTLY what you mean and you're not alone!


  1. Okay, now we know where to get the supplies, but what pattern/pattern compay do you like best? I would love to give it a try, but aside from fabrics, I don't know where to start...

  2. As usual, you are a wealth of information, not to mention an ENABLER!!! I have bookmarked Sew Sassy and will probably start with samples of their elastic to see what I like. I have some jersey knit fabric that would work well. gotta stop this!! :)

  3. Are you kidding me? You MADE those to-die-for purple bra and panties?

    I haven't worn pretty stuff like that in years. Reminds me of back in the day when I had coordinating undies in every color.

    I am now officially embarassed by what I grab out of the drawers in the morning and must go buy some new perty ones. I still won't be making them, but hey! My DH thanks you in advance! :)

  4. Mary, Are you looking for the panties pattern? It's linked in the text above. Or a bra pattern? I've cut apart RTW bras and used them and I've also used my software to draft patterns. I've got a couple Kwik Sew patterns I want to try too.

    Bev, Yep. Made 'em. It's very decadent to wear that stuff under tee shirts and jeans. LOL! But I can NEVER find matching sets in the stores with both pieces available in my size(s). It's usually one or the other, never both, in stock. I've long since worn those out (drat!) and am seriously thinking about making some more bras soon. We'll see.

  5. Anne's number for Needle Nook Fabrics is:
    (316) 684-5989

  6. Debbie, those are beautiful and I've been intrigued with sewing my own undies for a while now. Those are just great!

  7. Woohoo! Them's some sexy undies! And here I thought you were this down-to-earth gal. Little did I know what a wild woman was hiding under those demure capris and tees. ;)

  8. Another question in the question and answer section:

    Debbie, relating to the crotch lining,
    would power dry also be suitable to use in this area? Just wondering.

    Some years ago I sewed 8 panties in a week. It is amazing how many panties you can have at the end of the week if you sew just 1 per night or day. Imagine if you sewed more?!? LOL.

  9. Debbie, thanks again for sharing your wealth of information :)
    Since seeing your wonderful results, I have been contemplating making panties for some time now.
    I too like the nice silky type that don't cling to clothing. Trying to find nice fitting undies that don't creep, bunch up or cause VPL, is almost impossible. Not to mention the cost and leg elastic that is either too loose or too tight, leaving those indents around the thighs!

  10. This isn't about undies, but similar I think. This summer I was planning to make a swimsuit or two for fun, I even have the fabric. Now I just have to sew faster! I have also bought from Needle Nook and they have always been great.

  11. I can help you on Anne's number, it is a speed dial on my phone!!! 316-684-5989 or

    HTH, beautiful lingerie

  12. LOL! I LOVE the purple undies. I'm going straightaway to Hancocks tomorrow & getting that pattern. You know, after I check my stash cause it looks familiar.

    I think we should declare one day a panty-sew day :D Think of all the new undies we'd have!

  13. Thanks, Debbie, for all the info. But of course, I'm like a dog with a bone, and I just need to clarify. Some of those kints are just your regular garden variety knits that you're using for t-shirts etc? Just as long as they're slippery? Hmmmm, this could be a whole new thing for me. I went to Macy's with my Mom and as long as we were there told her I needed to pick up some underwear. I went for my usual nude color. How bad is it when your 68 year old mother say "you're wearing those???? why don't you get something pretty? Ick!!" much to the amusement of several people standing nearby. I bought the stupid underwear and didn't tell her that the only reason I was buying this "fancy" underwear was because Walmart wasn't carrying the kind I usually buy!!!

  14. Nylon takes dye?!???!!!!
    Who woulda thunk it?
    Please tell me you're not dye your thread? I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but wouldn't you just use purple poly thread???

  15. Debbie--

    I am so sorry! I can never get to post on Blogger sites, and when I finally did, it accepted my test-post. I'm writing from an internet cafe in Germany, and I mistook the "preview" button for the "publish" button. Rats!

    I just wanted to tell you that because I am in an internet cafe, I had to scroll quickly past your beautiful lingerie. Who knows what the mostly teenage-boy population would think if I am here surfing the internet for pictures of ladies' undergarments! Ha! I'll admire them more closely later.

    The ice cream sounds wonderful!

    Happy dog-parking!

    Saralyn in . . .Germany!

  16. I am almost certain that's the method used for the crotch lining inthe KS little girls panties pattern I have. Or maybe I just decided to do it that way from making yokes for Keith's shirts that way :)
    I always love seeing your work. You make me want to make new panties- that and being 36+ weeks pregnant and wishing everything I can currently wear would spontaneously combust so I never have to see it again :)


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