Monday, June 11, 2007

Still Needing To Be Hemmed

It's mostly done and I think it's going to be a keeper. But I need to get over the "maternity" feeling. It's not the top so much as the belly underneath the top. ;-) I still need to hem it (the top, not the belly). When I've got the hem done (after dinner?), I'll take a pic of me in it.

I got sidetracked from hemming by fussing with Zillie. I've never been happy with the tummy and hip padding on her so in a fit of frustration on a whim, I took it all off. But the result of that was even worse since my hips haven't been that skinny since I was 8. Or maybe 11. So then I added some padding back. And then I had to adjust the waist/bust depth, which is another thing that's not been quite right for a while. But that still wasn't right. More fiddling. Zillie turned upside down. Loosening, tightening, pulling, pushing. Chasing Dani the Thief as she raced off dragging a mouthful of batting/padding behind her. All of that and Zillie isn't really any better than when I started, just different now. Sigh. I'd really like a true body double but (a) I don't know if I really want to see it and (b) I'd have to grin and bear DH doing the wrapping. But boy, if I had a true body double, I know I'd be a Draping Queen.

Back to the top. There's some things that could be better in a second version that most likely will never get made. I think I'd like the band under the bust to be a little higher. It's higher on me than on Zillie, but not where I thought it would land. The neckline probably could be a little lower. Although at least where it is now it doesn't gape or reveal too much. I like the sleeves though. They are loose enough that they aren't squeezing the flubby arms and shorter than my usual short sleeves so maybe I can get some new tan lines during the daily dog walks. ;-)


  1. Nice! It goes very nicely with your skirt. I like your new brown theme. :)

  2. Hi Debbie, I like it. The color comgination is great. I sympathize with you and the complaints you have made. I have taken some of the Pattern Review classes with Shannon. I emailed her privately that it is always a humbling experience to post my muslin after multiple postings of my classmates size 6 and 8's. I have the belly and the upper arm thing going. Hopefully, this is the year that I can whittle it down abit. Doubtful--has never happened in the past. Great project. Please post a picture when you wear it. Thanks in advance. Anne

  3. I can certainly relate to your dress form woes. Mine is an antique Acme, and I can never get the proportions quite right. Someday, I'll have a dressform that's more accurate. Someday.

  4. Hey, why not call a PR amiga to do DTDs? You will love yours. I love mine. Word to the wise, don't fidget at all because I gesiha-trotted over to the stereo to turn it up, only a few very dainty steps, and I had to cut out darts and re-tape to take in 4" on the hips. Also ask your friend to wrap the 'breathing' part of your torso snugly to avoid dart removal there too. The depth of everything, shoulder width, swayback are perfect and yours will be too. It's divine!!


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