Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cutting, Cutting

This is the stack of undies cut so far. I think there's about 9 pairs in there. I still have to cut crotch linings, but I need to raid DH's tee shirt drawers first. ;-) I also need to measure out my elastic. I have a feeling I need to get some more.

These are the stacks of fabrics still waiting to be cut.

I don't know if I'll get it all cut or not. I really hate assembly line sewing. OTOH, it would be nice to have the rest at least ready for piecemeal assembly when the mood strikes.

DH loved his birthday gifts, but the ice cream last night didn't happen. I got all the ingredients ready, turned the machine on, and poured them into the cylinder thingie. Turns out it wasn't frozen enough and we ended up with really cold, but still liquid, ingredients. But it's got to be ready now, right? We're looking forward to enjoying homemade peach ice cream after dinner, doubley-so now.


  1. OK, I have to ask some questions. Where do you get your supplies, ie. the material and elastic? What pattern are you using? And is it difficult to make your own or no?

  2. I can't remember what fabric you said you're using. I think you said rayon/lycra. If so, is it slippery enough to allow your clothing to slide freely over the undies?

  3. Those fabrics will make awesome undies! Where in the world do you find pieces like that?



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