Friday, June 8, 2007

The Pattern

I fiddled around with my software today and came up with this pattern. It's printing as I type.

Speaking of printing …

This is the print screen from Pattern Editor (which is the same screen as all of the Wild Ginger programs). Each grid section represents one letter-sized page. The yellow sections are those I have marked to actually print. Those that aren't yellow will not be printed. I won't waste paper that way. But if you prefer to print the entire grid (in order to assemble all columns/rows and not piece them together as I'll be doing), you can do that too.

OK, back to my pattern. I decided to go with the crossover. I'm still undecided on the final length which is why you see 3 different hem marks. I'll cut long and then decide. I'm also undecided about testing it first. My gut is telling me to test instead of cutting the good fabric, so I think I'm now leaning that way. Maybe instead of an unwearable muslin test, I'll look in the stash for something that I'd wear if it turns out but won't cry over if it doesn't.

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