Thursday, June 21, 2007

What Am I Thinking?

"Do you *really* want to do a welt pocket on casual knit pants? What are you thinking?! Welt pockets, knit fabric? Difficult pockets versus no brainer pockets? Getting the idea? LOL!!! Just put normal pockets in and stop over thinking!! ;-)"

That's an excerpt from Belinda's comment to yesterday's post. Do I smell a challenge?? ;-)

But seriously, I don't think welt pockets are difficult. Granted, I've only made them a few times and I have to follow step-by-step instructions, but I didn't have any problems. (Just jinxed myself, didn't I?) But even before Belinda's comment, I decided to at least test the pocket in scraps from the pants fabric (which BTW is a doubleknit that I think will support a welt pocket just fine). So the test is what's currently in progress. I have all my pieces cut and I've started assembly.

But I've got to leave in about 20 minutes to drop off DS#2 for camp and then I'm heading to the dog park to wear out the pooches so I can have a very peaceful afternoon of sewing. I'll take pics as I do the test pocket, which might turn into a photo-tutorial if all goes well. If not, the pics will document my goof-ups. ;-)


  1. You talked while back about you're computer software,, i am very interested in this,, is there a way i can email you,,

  2. ROFL! It sounds like you accepted the challenge. Have fun! I'm sure they will turn out perfect. You'll make sure of it! LOL!

  3. Ooh your new tees look great! I made my 'favorite' again before I left for FL and it went together so fast.

    I knew it would work for you since it worked for me. You're my strawberry blonde twin :D :D

    ps...No fair shouting out to me when I'm gone!! :P


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