Monday, June 4, 2007

Davis Island Dog Park

We finally made it to the dog park beach today. It's not much of a beach in human terms and is in an ugly location next to a small private airport and marina, across from an industrial park and near the Port of Tampa, but the dogs loved it. Well, 2 out of 3, as you'll see later. ;-)

Chili and Dani took to the water like ducks, and made lots of new (giant) friends.

They couldn't decide who would bring the ball back to shore so they shared the job.

Next, it was Pepper's turn for some swimming. Chili was immediately on the scene to rescue her if required.

Dani soon followed, and Alex held them while Pepper flailed … um … swam back to shore.

There she goes!

Almost there!

She was most definitely not thrilled with the whole swimming thing. But at least she got to cool off a bit. You try laying on a beach in a black fur coat. ;-)

* * * * *
And my beach park outfit for the day. I'm going to be wearing this every time it's clean … it's SO comfortable! There will definitely be more of these Jalie skirts made for the summer.


  1. The outfit looks great, Debbie.

  2. Debbie, I've been visiting for a while, guess I should show my face, I'm starting to feel a bit creepy :-)

    I love your outfit, that style of skirt really suits you and the t-shirt is definitely better with the altered neckline.

    Your dogs are really cute, too. They always look like they're having so much fun.

  3. What a great outfit! And the skirt is just too cute. Love the stenciling too.

  4. I am a long time lurker....

    Love the outfit!! I have been looking at the fabric for your skirt for awhile, not sure if the large print would suit me. However, you may have just convinced me other wise.

  5. Cute! I saw a skirt in a similar print in the June Burda WOF.

  6. Great outfit, Debbie. You may just have persuaded me to try a second skirt for myself!

  7. Hi, I just found your blog and I love it! I am another sewcrazy dog lover in central FL.

    I love your dogs and your outfit. I really need to get that pattern.

    Have you tried the dog beach on Honeymoon Island? I think it is nicer than the people beach there.


  8. Love the skirt and top! I'm trying to resist buying any more patterns, but I'm weakening! Maybe I can just peak at the Jalie website...

  9. Debbie my basset swim exactly the same way - can't wait to get out of the water. Then they roll in dirt to dry off! Gotta say - you're looking might fashionable there on the beach!

  10. You know, I like the dog posts almost better than the sewing posts... ;-) I love the photo where your two DS's are obviously laughing at Pepper swimming straight back to shore.
    Your outfit looks great and really suits you.

  11. hi debbie ... i can see reading your blog is going to cause me great *problems* ... if you can imagine this: your skirt fabric AND two other spandex's landed in my shopping cart at lucy's and, lo, are now winging their way to my home .... LOL ...

    your skirt is darling and i love the drape of the fabric -- i am not a skirt-wearer, however loes hinse has a tank-top dress that i know will look just awesome with a couple of pieces of the spandex i bought ...

    thank you for your blog; it's so nice to see you and your clothes ... i've been sewing for about 30 years, took a hiatus and am now back again -- for me this time (not just the grandkids ;-)

    again, thank you for this great blog and your inspiration ....

  12. Looks like you have lots of admirers with all us lurkers decloacking! Outfit is fabulous, the altered T is vastly improved. I love rayon and sew lots of batiks, wish I could snag some rayon lycra here in Canukland.


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