Sunday, June 24, 2007

Capris & The Dog Park

This is what happens when you wear your new capris to the dog park. That's a muddy paw smudge, by the way. But the capris did pass the butt-on-picnic-bench test with nary a snag so I'm very pleased with that. Mud washes out, snags do not. It was about a billion degrees out there today and the capris were extremely cool and comfortable. I think I'm going to buy more of this fabric (a bottomweight rayon/poly/Lycra) to just plain stash before it's all gone. OK, I just did. Now I'm safe from any sudden run on the remainder. I hope. ;-)

And, speaking of the dog park, here's our Sunday afternoon:

1. The Welcome Committee

2. Pepper and her friend Max. Max likes pudgy girls. ;-)

3. Chili. a/k/a The Gopher

4. Dani, a/k/a Esther Williams

5. Sibling time

6. Chili standing tall on the picnic table. Wouldn't you hate to be a sled dog in Florida? Do you think he can pull a jet ski? ;-)

7. Contemplating sticking a toe in, but not for very long. Pepper is so NOT a water dog.

8. But these two are.


  1. I am so glad you blog often, because it is so much fun to read....sewing or dogs or's always interesting. Thanks Debbie!

  2. I love, love, love when you post about your cute little dogs! They are just too precious for words out there in that park! We have never been to a dog park but those three sure seem to love them!

  3. Nice capris Debbie, paw prints and all. It made me smile. The "kids" obviously found the welt pocket. LOL!

  4. I just love, love, love your dog pictures and stories. Where do you get your pant wt fabric? I too live in FL and am constantly looking for cool, kewl fabrics and your choices fit both. Anne

  5. I love your dogs. They are hilarious. I never used to think I was a dog person, but dogs have personalities that don't stop. I love it! Glad your capris held up so nicely.

  6. Mmmmawwww!! My warm fuzzy for the day! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Just to echo others..I began reading your blog daily for your sewing tips and inspiration. I think now I look for your dog stories/photos! The personalities of them all..wonderful.

    Fran G

  8. Oh gosh they sure look like they're having fun! It's so much fun to see all of them play together. Makes me miss having three dogs in the house...


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