Monday, June 11, 2007

In Progress

This is just loosely pinned on the dressform and so the fit proportions are a little off — especially the underbust band which is sitting at waist level here on Zillie. I'm ambivalent about it at this point because I've had to fiddle with things more than I like, but I think I'm going to end up with a wearable top.

I hope to get into the sewing room tomorrow to finish it. I still have to sew the lower back, the sleeves, and the sideseams. Then I'll decide on the final length.


  1. I really like the combination of your fabrics. Hope everything is turning out nicely, it sure is worth it.

  2. It's looking fabulous! I love the fabrics - it's going to be a great combo.

  3. That fabric is gorgeous. Dang, I need some of that!! muslin? Your plethora sounds like my plethora, LOL :D

  4. Debbie, it looks lovely. But I venture to say that you might like it better if the contrast band were in your favorite aqua, rather than the brown. However, the brown combo looks lovely wiht the skirt.

    I love all your fabric!

  5. Debbie,
    Great combination of colours! You really have a talent for choosing colours. Look forward to seeing the final pics.
    Donna Wicks
    Edmonton, Alberta


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