Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Old Man River

That's what DS#2 calls my husband. It's all in good fun. Today he's "Even Older Man River" as it's his birthday. DS#2 is still at wrestling camp so he won't get to tease DH in person, but I know he'll mention something in his nightly call.

I'm a "bad" wife … didn't sew DH a thing this year. Instead, this is what he's getting. He hasn't opened the gifts yet. I don't know what he's waiting for! He's old. He may not have that much time left. LOL!

First, an ice cream maker that Deepika at Pattern Review recommended in a tangent conversation during the live chat Sunday night. She mentioned and linked to hers and I knew that DH, a/k/a Ice Cream Freak, would love it. I also bought some fresh nectarines yesterday so we can make "Peach" ice cream later tonight. That is, if he opens the box in time to freeze that cylinder. ;-) When strawberries are in season here again next February & March, this little machine is going to get a big workout.

Next, two WWII movies. DH loves anything WWII-related. Flags of Our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima, the two recent flicks Clint Eastwood directed.

And last, the latest Paul McCartney CD, Memory Almost Full. McCartney (and the Beatles, of course) is a fav of his.

Happy Birthday Mike!


  1. Ooh, that peach ice creams sounds delish! We need to pull ours out and make some!

    I loved both movies,but the FofOF book really hit home for me. I had to put it down occasionally because it was so intense. It made me truly appreciate what all our Dads went through. My dad never would talk of his Korean War service, just like author Bradley's dad wouldn't speak of his experiences at Iwo Jima. I'm not sure that Dad ever forgave himself for the things he had to do to protect himself and his men and that is so sad.

    Anyway, Happy Birthday to DH! (My hubby's lucky he gets a card 'cause he's so hard to buy for!)

  2. Oooh, you're gonna love that ice cream maker!! I have one like it (only in red) and it is such fun to make up new ice cream flavors! If you're a butter pecan fan, do try making some of your own, it is to die for!! Yummy pecans toasted in a butter--Yummo! I think the recipe is in the book. Happy birthday to your hubby, and thanks for your blog!

  3. Happy birthday to your husband!
    I saw an interview with Paul McCartney the other day and he played a few bits and pieces from his new album and it sounds really good.

    Has your husband seen Band of Brothers? Very intense too but well worth watching.

  4. Ditto that you're going to love that ice cream maker. Immediately after it's through freezing, it's like soft-serve, my favorite. Yumm! Happy birthday to DH. There's no way he's an old man if he's married to you, unless he's a few decades older.

  5. I have that ice cream maker. I love it. It makes the ice cream sorta like soft serve if you serve it straight out of the cylinder. If you like your ice cream or sherbet or gelato firmer, put it in the freezer for a bit before serving. Also make sure all of your ingredients are ice cold.

    I also have that CD. I adore Paul (& the Beatles, of course). One of the songs sounds so happy but the lyrics are so sad. It's an awesome CD.

    Happy Birthday to your Hubby!

  6. You're going to love that ice cream maker! We've had ours for awhile nw, bu it still makes the best ice cream. So far our favorite is a 'sweet cream' base (that you can mix in your own flavors like Butterfinger, Heath, etc.).... All this icecream talk is making me hungry!

    Happy Birthday to your DH!

  7. Happy birthday wishes for hubby from Australia :)
    Great presents Debbie! The homemade icecream is gourmet, without all those chemical additives.

  8. My DH is also a WWII NUT. We should get together and you and I could sew while they talked WWII!!

    The FofOF book is so good and so sad. My Dad also would not speak of any of it.

  9. Happy Birthday to your hubby Debbie!

  10. So...did you make ice cream? And how do you like the new ice cream maker?

  11. HA! That's too funny. Ice cream maker looks fun tho. I'm ice cream making illiterate. I didn't get that gene. My sister did, so she makes all the ice cream for birthdays around here. We'll have 2 or 3 makers going all Sunday afternoon for Lu's bday party! Yum!


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