Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Capris & Camp Prep

I've made some progress on the new capris. I cut them out and started sewing yesterday. The "fly" (not really a fly) is sewn and topstitched, as are the sideseams. I've basted the center back and inseams for a quick try-on and things are looking good. (Whew! It's always a crap shoot with pants. Even with a TNT pattern.) I still have to decide what exactly I want to do for a waistband though, as these are knit and my plan is for pull-on without a pull-on look. Not that anyone will ever see the waistband of these pants, so why the heck am I overthinking this anyway? I also need to decide about pockets. I *need* pockets on dog walks (treats, etc.). These capris won't have front scoop pockets but I'm thinking maybe one front welt pocket would do the trick.

But the capris are on hold until later this evening or tomorrow as I do laundry and various errands in preparation for DS#2 taking off for a week of wrestling camp in Georgia, starting tomorrow. They're not really camping, as in The Woods. They are staying in dorms at the State University.

One of the things I've been doing today is getting DS#2's ipod stuff loaded onto my computer. Poor kid has been without "new" portable music since we moved into the Money Pit. I've yet to set the boys' computer up anywhere and that's where all the ipod software was. But during the dining room remodel, I found the box with the ipod software and told him I would load it on one of the other computers in the interim. Unfortunately, I made a bad decision during the install and he lost all the music that was already on the ipod. Oops. But we spent some time copying some tracks from favorite CDs so he's set for the week. When he gets back, I'll teach him how to do that himself and then he can load whatever he wants. (I really don't know how I ended up with the only 2 teenagers in the world who aren't computer saavy.)

Since I was doing the istuff ;-) and got itunes updated, etc., I finally subscribed and listened to a couple of Lori's Sew Forth podcasts. Cool stuff, Lori, and you sound NOTHING like I was imagining! When DS comes back home with the ipod, I think I'll be borrowing it for sewing time. If I can stand those ear buds long enough. In the meantime, I'll listen from the desktop speakers.

Now I'm off to the grocery store for a week's worth of non-perishable snacks, travel size toiletries and other miscellaneous "camping" stuff. It's going to be very quiet around here with DS#2 gone and DS#1 working full-time.


  1. Okay, how was I suppose to sound?!!? Wondering if it was a good thing or a bad thing. Just kidding, happy you were able to listen.

  2. It's certainly quiet here. It's surprising how much noise the second child makes. :)

    P.S. Do you *really* want to do a welt pocket on casual knit pants? What are you thinking?! Welt pockets, knit fabric? Difficult pockets versus no brainer pockets? Getting the idea? LOL!!! Just put normal pockets in and stop over thinking!! ;-)

  3. No you don't have the only teens that didn't know how to do that stuff :wink: I finally made dd#2 (17) sit with me to learn how to load her music, burn CD's, & load her own IPod! I spent too much time doing it. Geez, DD#1 was just as bad until she left to college, had to figure it out with a few calls home. They've even learned how to do their digital cameras - finally !! Now I'm thinking an IPod for mom - something for those walks, I can plug into the car stereo & listen, take so much with me!

  4. Debbie, how do you get dressed in the morning - so many choices? Me too, I'm an outfit girl, although, I have always wanted to sew a swap, just not enough fabric choices available to me in one place.
    Finally yesterday was warm enough to wear my new outfit which was based on the Kwik Sew skirt I found thru you, thanks, and less than 2 m of fabric!

  5. Ack! What do you mean it's always a crap shoot with pants, even with a TNT pattern? Here I am, slaving away trying to develop a master pants pattern so I don't have to reinvest the wheel every time I want to sew a pair of pants. Now you're telling me there will never come a day when making a pair of pants is a no brainer! I feel like somebody just told me there's no Santa Claus.


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