Thursday, June 7, 2007

Skirting the Summer

This is definitely going to be my Summer of the Skirt. While I love my capris, I also love how girlie and heat friendly skirts are. I wore my new Jalie skirt on Monday to the beach. Tuesday and Wednesday, I wore different skirts and I'm down to the last one I like for today. But, I have another Jalie 2681 in the works.

I thought I'd have it done yesterday, but the one-hour skirt turned into a comedy of errors. Mine. First, I sewed a wrong side to a right side. Luckily, I caught that only about 2 inches into the seam and so didn't have to rip the entire overlocked seam. And to think I even had the RS marked with tape. Then, while I had both RS together on another pair of gores, I had one turned top-side down. Sheesh. I gave up for most of the afternoon and took the dogs for a walk. But I did get back to it after dinner and all I have left now is the bottom hem and the waist elastic. I wonder what I'll mess up with those.

I'm using a brown poly/cotton knit and I'm triple-stitch coverstitching the seams to give it a denim-y, casual look. I'm planning a top to wear with it from another rayon knit since otherwise the skirt will be an orphan. But as this is also going to be my Summer of Brown, I'm planning still more tops that will match it and other browns soon to be entering the wardrobe.

Sewing will have to wait until this afternoon, though. The boys and dogs and I are off to the dog beach again.


  1. I'm loving the skirts this summer, too, Debbie.

    Do you cut your gores out on folded fabric? If so, I found it helped me if I take what I've cut directly over to the serger without separateing them. Then, 1/2 of the seams are sewn without me thinking about which is the correct side, and the other 1/2 have one seam to remind me.

    -Marcia (mlt from PR)

  2. I had one of those days yesterday too, including sewing the right side to a wrong side! Only I didn't discover it until after I'd finished the entire leg seam (but luckily *before* I had serged the edges closed). I would have quit for the day, but I really had to get a certain amount complete for a class last night.

    You've inspired me to wear more skirts this summer!


  3. You just pick the cutest fabrics!

  4. Waah! I sooooo want a coverstitch machine....can't afford it....

    Okay, enough whining on my part.

    You so inspire me, Debbie, with your attention to all the little details in your sewing.

    I enjoy your blog.

  5. hey debbie
    I love the pattern fabric, I was wondering, what is the name of the cutting board (with the grids)on your sewing table?


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