Saturday, June 23, 2007

Casual Capris, Complete

The capris are done. Nothing much to write home about fashion-wise. But it will be nice to have some ultra casual pants to wear with some of the tees I've made lately. I have another pair of khaki-colored capris but they are hot to wear on walks, so these new capris will fill that void.

Here's me with my hand in the pocket. The dogs will key into that move very quickly as it will mean "treat!" ;-)

Here's the pocket again but it looks slanted because of the weird photo angle (and tummy fluff). I'm including it to show that the pocket doesn't gape and you can only see a slight outline for the pocket bag.

Yesterday I tried to get "fancy" with the waistband and ended up ripping it completely off. Today I cut a new plain wide casing, sewed it on, coverstitched and inserted the elastic and the pants are finally done. I'm glad because I took what should've been a fast and easy project and really over-complicated it. (Hi Belinda!) But that's what I do sometimes.

Next up? Underwear! Tomorrow I'm going to cut out about 5-6 pairs from various knit scraps I've been saving and I'll work on them in dribs and drabs over the coming week around my "real" work. I hate assembly-line style sewing but I really want some new undies.

By the way … I had a look through most of my sewing books earlier to see how each of them covered double-welt (or bound) pockets. The method I used was only in Palmer/Pletsch books. Specifically, Pants for Real People and Easy, Easier, Easiest Tailoring. I'm guessing it's also in Jackets for Real People but I didn't specifically look. What's so great about this method is that you are not trying to place and sew separate welts/lips and instead, you create them "on the fly" after 99% of the stitching has already been done. I'll do a photo-tutorial at some point, but I can't promise when.


  1. I like the welt pocket, Debbie. I typically see those on the pants I choose from Lane Bryant. You did a great job. I'm learning all about doggie treats!

  2. You did an awesome job! I really like the fit and the welt pocket detail on these capris!

  3. Good summer colour - matches nicely with the top and no doubt a lot of other new t's as well. Noice pocket!

  4. Great job on those pockets!

  5. Thought you might be interested to know how your old posts are a great resource. I am making a welt pocket in pants and I referred back to this post to see where you put yours and what you used for stabilizer.


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