Friday, June 1, 2007

Plan B

Living here in Florida, I never check the weather. It rarely changes. But today, it's gray and the forecast is for actual rain. A good thing environmentally since we're in a severe drought but a bad thing for a beach dog park afternoon. So we're putting that outing off for a day or two and I spent the morning fiddling with my TNT tee pattern to come up with a vee-neck version of the Diana Mode top.

First, I offset a neckband from the front pattern neckline (1) and then cut it away from the pattern (2). Next, I slashed/spread at the neckband seam to create extra fabric for gathers. The pivot point is at the small pink circle in (3). I trued the seamlines (4) and added seam allowances (5).

The sleeve was next. I created the bottom band shape (6) and cut it away from the main sleeve shape (7). I then slashed/spread along 3 pivot points. The shape of my final main sleeve piece is different from the original pattern, but I'm pretty sure it will work out exactly the same.

I added seam allowances to the remaining pieces and printed out my pattern.

I'm heading up to the sewing room to tape the printout together and decide on a fabric to use. After that, we'll head to the local dog park because "the kids" really need to run off some energy.


  1. Thank goodness Dani is going to be alright, it's not Parvo.
    PMB... can add s/a's... OUCH! (computer shock from keyboard being drooled on) You'll definitely make a better top than Diana drafted.

  2. It is so tempting to 'invest' in this case...time, in a patternmaking programme but I do so love to draft with my hands, sheer pleasure.
    Debbie, I am wondering if that neckline curve should be concave instead of convex, just a bit, following the natural line of the body.
    Hope you had a nice walkie.

  3. You are my hero! You make patterns work for you and enjoy the process. Your ideas, inspirations, & skill are awesome. And, your love for the dogs and your ds' (sometimes in that order, but not always!) bring a smile to my face. Thanks for sharing!


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